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The name LLYSS

LLYSS (pronounced “Lis” ) means ‘Safe Little Light’, and is deviated from the Norwegian word Lys , that means “Light”. In addition to its functional meaning, light of course also symbolizes ambience, warmth and safety. Which is all that LLYSS is and stands for.

Our product

LLYSS ledlights are an atmospheric and safe alternative to the impractical and fire-threatening tealight. They save a lot of time and money for every catering entrepreneur because they are rechargeable, friendly to use, and have a long life. In addition, they can be combined with about any type of candle or decor holders that enables you to create many different mood effects. All this without burning your fingers without any chance of staining table cloths or chairs, and without heat or smoke formation. In short, a great product for the hospitality industry where everything revolves around ambiance, but safety and efficiency always come first.


The popularity of the electronic tealight has taken an enormous leap in the last few years. 10 years ago we were the first company in Europe to introduce the electronic Led Candle and we have continued to develop our product on performance, efficiency and ease of use. Quality is and will always remain our first priority, something which is undeniably proved by our returning customers.

For professional

or home use

No smoke, no heat, no stains

LLYSS is safe

LLYSS is smart

LLYSS is beautiful

LLYSS is flexible

LLYSS is lasting

LLYSS is light

Soft atmospheric light that equals real candle light ambience

For great ambience, safe from fire and wind