Candle Holders & Decoration

LLYSS ledlights: in the right holder even more beautiful than real candle light

With a slowly flickering, yellowish glowing light, LLYSS ledlights look só real that you will hardly be able to tell the difference with real candle light. In fact, in warmth of color it even beats it!  The beauty of the electronic candle is that it can used in practically any type or material decorative holder, making it possible to reach any desired mood effect without being held back by the practical limitations of the old fashioned waxine tealight.

Suitable for any type holder without risking fire or stains

It doesnt matter if your holder is narrow or wide, long or short, made of wood or glass, frosted or colored material: LLYSS ledlights fits a large variety of candle holders of any type or material, making it possible to create any desired mood effect you want. It ultimately only comes down to personal taste and the choice between beautiful or spectacular. Without burning your fingers, messing with candle wax and the risk of burning stains.

Because of the many possibilities in applicability, the atmosphere and the guest experience are many times bigger.

Even better than real candle light

On the left side a traditional tealight, on the right our LLYSS ledlight. Even in light color it achieves better than the waxine light, that has a much whiter flame as you can see here. Also, the led flame has been made ‘smart’ for a most realistic experience of flickering candle light.

LLYSS is safe

LLYSS is smart

LLYSS is beautiful

LLYSS is flexible

LLYSS is lasting

LLYSS is light

For professional

or home use

No smoke, no heat, no stains
Soft atmospheric light that equals real candle light ambience

For great ambience, safe from fire and wind