Safe, efficient and stylish atmosphere

light decoration at any event

Whether it’s a wedding, party or event: with the use of our safe and versatile rechargeable LLYSS Ledlights, the mood will at least never be spoiled by candles going out afer a gust of wind. Besides, everybody should want to avoid fire-threatening situations, a risk that no one can afford to take, but is even unthinkable for the events industry. In addition, the use of electronic LED candles provides considerable time and cost savings, and makes¬† the never ending process of buying and storing candles something that belongs to the past.

Custom-made ambience

Because of its large variety in application, there is a lot possible in the area of mood effects with LLYSS ledlights. For event agencies and wedding planners all the more reason to choose for the rechargeable led candle. With the many possible combinations with all kinds and types of decoration glass and holders, there is no end to the different ambient effects that can be realised, making LLYSS ledlights a real show-stopper at each event.

LLYSS is safe

LLYSS is smart

LLYSS is beautiful

LLYSS is flexible

LLYSS is lasting

LLYSS is light

For professional

or home use

No smoke, no heat, no stains
Soft atmospheric light that equals real candle light ambience

For great ambience, safe from fire and wind