Does the Led candle flame flicker like real candlelight?

Yes, LLYSS ledlights have a natural flicker to capture the natural flame effect as real as possible. The extent to which this effect is visually present depends on the type of deco glass used. Both color as well as type and thickness of the chosen deco material have influence on this.

Will rechargeable LED candles get hot when they burn for a long time?

No. LED technology produces a form of light that doesn’t generate heat. As a result, the Led candle will not get hot or generate heath.

How do I maintain the quality of rechargeable Led candles for as long as possible?

Treat LLYSS ledlights as you would treat your cell phone. With rechargeable Led candles, it is important to completely discharge them from time to time, and then recharge them again to its maximum. In this way, the performance of the Led candle and the flame intensity will stay at the highest level.

Can LLYSS ledlights be used worldwide?

Yes, LLYSS ledlights have a wide voltage range of 100 ~ 240V / 50-60Hz and can therefore be used worldwide. In some countries a plug adapter is required to charge the candles. LLYSS Ledlights are equipped with a type C plug, the standard for Europe (with the exception of Great Britain) and parts of South America and Asia.